Cash loan with adviser – loan with the lowest installment

If we do not know in which bank to submit a loan application, so as to obtain the lowest installment, we can use the free assistance of advisors who look for the cheapest loan for us.

As with all banks, choose a cash loan which will have the lowest installment? What if we were refused a loan amount due to low creditworthiness in the bank in which we applied for a loan? Certainly, we should not break down and it is worth checking the possibility of obtaining a loan from other banks, preferably at the same time.

Cash loan with an adviser

Cash loan with an adviser

The times when you had to run from one bank to another to check the loan installment or the possibility of obtaining a specific loan amount was gone forever. Now we can do it all at once and without taking a break from the desk of the computer we’re sitting at. Well, unless the headquarters with a laptop or tablet on the sofa … we can do it too!

In principle, to check the possibility of obtaining a loan remotely, you could fill out several loan applications at individual banks whose offers we are interested in. However, a better way in this situation will be to submit an application to a company that specializes in financial consulting and will find the best loan options for us. There are a lot of such companies and we do not have to be afraid of any additional costs because our costs are limited to what we agree with the bank, and financial advisors settle themselves with a specific bank when we decide on one of the offers. So in conclusion – using this option will not increase the cost of our loan.

A cash loan with an adviser will certainly be a great help for us and we will have the opportunity to get to know a few selected offers at the same time. Financial advisors have access to information from the majority of banks and financial institutions operating in Poland. So something that would take us a few good days, it will take a dozen or so minutes.

The first step is to submit a short application and then the financial advisor will contact us to determine the information about the loan we are looking for. Once we specify this information, we will receive by e-mail, or in some cases by phone, selected proposals for loans in individual banks along with information about the loan installment, the amount of commission and margin.

A personal payday loan to finance his ready-to-wear business

Becoming a self-entrepreneur is the dream that each of us plans to achieve. Of all the areas of activity that open to future business leaders, the ready to wear remains undoubtedly the most lucrative. How to develop your business plan and where to find the necessary financing?

Start a ready-to-wear business

Start a ready-to-wear business

The field of ready-to-wear is really captivating. With men, women and children in the wind, following the trends of fashion is a natural inclination. As a result, starting a business in this industry to become your own boss is an ingenious idea that promises to pay off. It is a long-term work, but that “the one who tries nothing, has nothing”.

At first, you have to know exactly what you want. Start your own brand or run a franchise business. These are the 2 options available to the project owner.

Then you have to look at the following questions: specialize exclusively in a specific activity such as the sale of luxury clothing, women’s novelties or products of a major brand. The choice depends on the inclination and motivation of the future entrepreneur, but above all he must:

– Have a thorough knowledge of marketing,

– To know with the fingertips the sector in which it starts,

– Have at hand a study of the market.

To all this is added, the development of human, material and financial resources to implement.

With most auto-entrepreneurs, the financing side remains a major problem. Today, various variants of credit opportunities are available on the market, but it is essential to prioritize the one that is the least expensive and the least complicated.

Finance a loan business with a personal payday loan

Finance a loan business with a personal payday loan

Specific credits such as the PCE (Enterprise Creation Loan) and the NACRE device are offered by banks and credit institutions to help entrepreneurs to realize their project. Not to mention the very high interest rate and administrative burdens, lenders of these types of credits in the short, medium and long term are strict on the procedures to follow and the conditions of granting. To quickly raise funds to finance a business ready to wear, why not choose a personal payday loan?

The personal payday loan is a short or medium term loan (the duration of the contract varies from a few months to a maximum of 5 or 7 years), with a ceiling of up to € 75,000.

Its main assets are based on several points:

– The plurality of funded micro projects,

– The non-requirement of supporting documents on the actual destination of the funds,

– The application of a constant rate throughout the contract,

– The freedom for the borrower to fix repayment monthly payments, according to his financial capacity.

However, failure to provide proof will result in an interest rate on the unaffected personal payday loan.]

Loan agreement

Loan agreement

Whether the borrower has an initial contribution or not, the credit without justification allows him to concretize the idea of ​​creating his company of ready to wear luxury, feminine or for children. Before signing any loan agreement, it is better to do a credit simulation. 

How Does a Consolidation Loan Work? What Can You Consolidate and in What Bank

How does a consolidation loan or consolidation loan work? In which bank can you benefit from the consolidation of loans? Check the basic information about the consolidation loan and see the banks where you can get such a loan.

Provided, however, that you have adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness, because it depends on whether you receive such a loan.

A consolidation loan (as well as a consolidation loan) makes it possible to combine all bank loans, which results in the fact that instead of several installments a month – we pay one installment.

The consolidation loan allows you to consolidate into one loan: cash loans and loans, installment loans, car loans, other consolidation loans, mortgage and housing loans, mortgage loans, credit cards and the revolving limit in ROR.

In a selected bank, you can consolidate loans not only granted by this particular bank, but also in other banks and in the Cooperative Savings and Credit Unions.

A consolidation loan what documents?

A consolidation loan what documents?

Before you call the bank regarding the consolidation loan, you should prepare:

  • ID card,
  • documents (contracts) that confirm that we have and pay off various financial obligations.

Banks generally accept different sources of income:

  • contract of employment,
  • civil law agreements or contracts,
  • lease and tenancy agreements,
  • retirement and pension,
  • pre-retirement allowance,
  • economic activity.

What amount can be obtained as part of a consolidation loan? Depending on the bank chosen, a cash consolidation loan can be obtained even for € 200,000 for 10 years.

When comparing the consolidation loans, check the APY and the total cost of the loan.

APRC – Actual Annual Interest Rate – this is the total cost of credit incurred by the consumer. It is expressed as a percentage of the total loan amount on an annual basis. APRC includes, apart from the nominal interest rate, also other loan costs. For example: commission, fees, costs of necessary additional services, costs of loan security, loan insurance.

A Loan or a Loan Straight into our Bank Account

We have 2016 so getting a loan or even a bank loan straight to your account and without leaving your home should not cause us a big problem. Is it really so?

I remember very well the times at the beginning of the last 10th anniversary (ie around 2000-2001) in banks and other financial institutions, because often then I reached for loans and even for non-bank loans. The option of transferring a loan or a practical loan did not exist, and in order to get the cash you needed, you had to go to the bank a few times or if you did not have something to call Provident from the leaflet found on the power pole ?

Although leaflets, fences or even trees that encourage taking a loan, we can still meet (but rather with the logo of other companies), the rest of the stuff has changed, and that’s much. If we want to get a large loan (say up to PLN 10,000), there is a good chance that we will get it without leaving home and the necessary coins will go directly to our personal account. And this applies not only to non-banking companies but also to banks. In whom also we have a chance of getting a loan through the internet. About what I had the opportunity to write more widely in the pages of one of the articles published in BankerFour.

Situation # 1 – credit at the bank with transfer to the account

Situation # 1 - credit at the bank with transfer to the account

Here in a convenient situation are people who have employment, receive payment to a bank account and their bank provides online loans. In this situation, the loan application is best submitted in such a bank because we avoid the most formalities. We will not have to provide additional documents that confirm the income obtained. The bank has full access to our data in such a situation, so it can check our income and assess our creditworthiness.

However, if our bank does not provide loans over the internet or the loan installments proposed are too high, we still have to check other loan proposals. Banks granting loans under which the formalities are dealt with remotely and the transfer of cash takes place directly to the borrower’s personal account. Unfortunately, we will not find too much and one could count them on the finger of one hand as of today. 

What will we need if we decide to get a loan from one of the above banks? Certainly the data from the ID card, the moment of free time for submitting the application and of course an active bank account, will also be useful for the mobile phone. Depending on the bank in which we submit the application, you will need to make a verification transfer from your account and an electronic bank statement to which we receive a remuneration.

Situation # 2 – non-banking loan to a bank account

Situation # 2 - non-banking loan to a bank account

Here we have a much wider choice than in banks, and the waiting time for the necessary cash is much shorter and on average closes within 1 hour of submitting the application. Of course there is a minus, namely higher costs of loans compared to banking ones. But to tell the truth, they are neither much lower than it was a few years ago. I could even say even more that they are getting closer to the cost of cash loans. Here, a bit refers to the last Cryptobank proposal which at the moment is up to 5000 PLN is the cheapest on the market.

In the event that we decide on a non-banking option, it is worth choosing the most advantageous offer in which a loan to a bank account will be sent to us. The one that will have the lowest installment and allows us to choose any repayment period. In monthly published by me weekly rankings and rankings of non-bank loans you will find the most recommended proposals, if you have a problem with the choice on your own.

What will be needed to make the bank account loan reach relatively quickly? First of all, a personal account at the bank, to which we will receive the full amount of the loan, from which we will have to transfer the verification fee beforehand ( although it is possible to bypass this option about what I wrote in a separate article ). In addition, we must also have a mobile phone and no debts in the databases of debtors like KRD or Erif (and for some offers also a positive story in BIK).

Debt Consolidation: Debt repayment

Bank customers can always repay a consumer loan at any time by replacing the existing loan with a new one with more favorable terms. These usually consist of a reduced APR. In some cases, rescheduling without saving money makes sense if the borrower relies on lower monthly installments and the current contracting party has rejected the request for an extension of the term.

A debt restructuring can be combined with an increase in the total loan amount. For the practical handling apply compared to the new borrowing few special features.

The practical handling of a rescheduling

Many banks require their borrowers to repatriate any existing loan. Real estate loans are generally not included in the repayment of small loans, especially since their early repayment is often not possible. In some cases, credit institutions also refrain from including other loans with a reduced interest rate, which include, in particular, vehicle financing and installment payments in the mail order and retail sectors.

Current credit lines such as the discretionary credit and the installment payment agreements on a credit card account do not have to be included in a debt restructuring at each credit bank. For the borrower, however, their inclusion in the new loan is advisable because the credit lines are subject to a variable repayment with above-average borrowing rates.

When consumers repay a loan, the new financial institution pays the money directly to the existing loan account or current loan accounts. In this way, it ensures that the applicant actually replaces an existing loan and does not use all the money to increase the volume of credit. Without this certainty, the budget bill would have to take precautionary measures with the current loan installments and the new monthly installment. A possible top-up amount naturally enters the bank account of the credit customer. This also applies to the amount that is used to clear the disposition credit.

The search for the ideal debt rescheduling loan

The search for the ideal debt rescheduling loan

When bank customers rebook an existing loan, they want to save interest and compare the effective annual interest rates of different offers. Many financial institutions reschedule at a discounted rate on their non-earmarked loans. However, such an offer by no means precludes other non-interest rate financial institutions offering more favorable terms for the repayment of existing loans, so that a thorough credit comparison is essential in any case. When calculating the interest savings, bank customers consider the prepayment rates that they may have to pay to repay the current loan early. If the calculation shows that no savings are possible and the borrower does not have to rely on a life extension,

Other features for selecting the appropriate debt rescheduling loan are flexible repayment options. If premature repayment is possible without calculation of prepayment interest according to the loan agreement, bank customers can also repay the new loan and reduce interest costs again while interest rates continue to fall. Equally advantageous is an entitlement to an occasional installment break, which allows loan agreements partly once a year or at least once within two calendar years. The use of an installment suspension prevents the borrower from being in default of payment due to additional expenses or having to apply for another loan to pay the loan installments.

Bank customers who repost an existing loan and at the same time settle the repayment credit ensure a sufficiently long repayment term. An excessively short term, due to the associated high monthly installments, easily causes the bank customer to claim the same again to clear the loan.

The rescheduling of a credit with a weak credit rating

Even with a weak credit rating, consumers can in principle replace an existing credit. Whether a savings in interest rates is actually possible is shown by the comparison of current loans with the terms of the existing loan.

For many banks, a soft negative private credit feature is already a reason for rejecting credit without further examination. However, individual financial institutions decide on a case-by-case basis, so that even though the credit rating is poor, it can also be obtained through a domestic financial institution. It is also conceivable to take the new loan together with another applicant or to propose to the bank the provision of a guarantor. The inclusion of a bank loan without private credit at a Swiss financial institution is due to the fixed loan amounts of 3500 and 5000 euros and because of the very high interest rates is not a useful form of debt restructuring. However, advisable is the involvement of a reputable credit intermediary, if bank customers want to convert a loan. The service provider mostly arranges a debt rescheduling loan even in difficult cases. Costs for his activity are only incurred in the case of actual lending.

If bank customers want to repatriate their existing loan because they need less credit, they have an organized personal loan in addition to bank loans. Such is not completely ruled out in the event of planned rescheduling of interest savings, but is more difficult to obtain due to the approach of many private lenders. A large part of the persons registered as lenders on the relevant credit exchanges are strongly oriented towards social criteria in the award decisions. Relevant members are less willing to sign a rescheduling request because of hoped-for interest rate savings than one with the aim of reducing lending rates due to reduced income or additional expenses.

Do you have a problem with the repayment of a housing loan?

Borrower Support Fund – maybe not everyone has heard about it yet, but it should definitely be interested in those people who have problems with repaying their housing loans.

A mortgage contracted for the purchase of an apartment or building a house often involves a borrower with a bank in which we took such a loan, almost for a lifetime. Through these 20, 30 or even 35 years of loan repayment, we can go through various difficult financial situations and more than once we can pry leg up. However, it is worth knowing that in really difficult situations we can count on additional support. This support is the Borrowers Support Fund.

What is the Borrowers Support Fund and for what purpose was it created? According to the Bank Godolan, the main initiator of the Fund, it operates on the basis of the Act of 9 October 2015 on the support of borrowers who find themselves in a difficult financial situation and have a housing loan. It is intended for all natural persons who are obliged to pay mortgage installments, which constitute a significant burden on the household budget.

In simple words – if we are not able to repay the installments of our housing loan, we should be interested in the support that the Borrowers Support Fund offers. This support is the provision of a non-interest-bearing loan by Bank Godolan, in the form of a monthly financial support, not more than PLN 1500 per month and for a period not longer than 18 months. The return of funds received by the borrower will take place 24 months after the end of the transfer of support. The repayment will take place in interest-free monthly installments for the next 8 years. During this period, we will give away borrowed money from the fund in the form of small monthly installments, the amount of which in most cases will not exceed PLN 300.

Support for borrowers, but not for everyone.

Support for borrowers, but not for everyone.

It can not be concealed that the fund was prepared mainly for those people who have experienced various difficulties in their personal lives, such as the loss of their previous job. In what situations will we be able to use the support of the Borrowers Support Fund?

Here are the main conditions for granting non-interest-bearing support:

– support is only for people who pay for a housing loan
– when the application for support is submitted, the person has the status of an unemployed person
– when the housing loan is a large financial burden for us, a minimum of 60% of the total household income
– when the income per capita in the family is lower than PLN 634 (after deduction of the loan installment)
The conditions regarding household income have been detailed on the BGK website

A sample application for support under the Borrowers Support Fund can be found at the following link. We can submit such an application at the bank with which we concluded a mortgage loan agreement from February 19, 2016 to December 31, 2018. The application should be considered no later than 30 days.

Debt Consolidation: how does it work?

 The Debt Consolidation is certainly among the main opportunities available in the loan market. There are several companies that offer this type of product to its customers, including Cleopor, one of the largest financial companies to rely on. This is a very useful product for those in the situation of having to repay various loans received.

We discover all the characteristics of debt consolidation, with particular attention to the product offered by Cleopor. Let’s see how to request this type of financing and what are the requirements required by the bank to be able to have access to it. Finally, the methods of delivery and the interest rate applied, to find out if it is a product that is convenient or less according to our needs.

Consolidation of Payables with Cleopor: characteristics

Consolidation of Payables with Cleopor: characteristics

In a period of economic crisis like the one that Italy has been going through for too long, it often happens that it is in the condition of having to apply for a loan. This involves a not inconsiderable expense, which every month is going to undermine the budget at our disposal. However many times it is essential to resort to a loan to meet a necessary expense, for which we do not own the entire sum or we prefer to defer the payment in several installments.

When the required loans start to overlap, it can become a big problem to continue to meet the commitments made with the respective banks. For this reason, the so-called consolidation of debts is born, which financial companies like Cleopor grant to users. Thanks to this option, now offered by several financial companies, we have the possibility of uniting our debts into a single sum to be repaid. But why should I put the various debts together if at the end the total to be repaid is the same?

The first reason is of a practical nature. The loans for which I have to pay the repayment installments will each have a different monthly expiration date. In this way it is possible to forget to pay a certain installment, with all the consequences of the case. With the consolidation of Cleopor debts the date to be marked on the calendar every month will be unique, and this will greatly simplify things.

Another reason why it may be advantageous to choose this type of product with Cleopor comes from the fact that many times we have difficulty dealing with the monthly reimbursement expense. For this reason it will be very useful to increase the duration of the loan in order to lower the monthly payment that we will have to pay. Finally, as regards the interest rate, this in the case of debt consolidation can be particularly advantageous, so we will have a saving in the total expenditure of our financing.

How to apply for a Cleopor loan for debt consolidation

As we have said, one of the major banks to rely on for debt consolidation is definitely Cleopor. By visiting the financial website, we find all the information we need if we are looking for a loan of any kind. Among these, the product we want to analyze in this article is the one called ” Personal Loan Unica “.

The name in some way contains what was said previously on debt consolidation: thanks to it we can in fact enclose all the loans in a single monthly repayment installment. Another very important feature of this product is represented by the delivery times. It will be possible to access the financing we need very quickly, usually less than 24 hours. As for the maximum amount that we can apply with Unica, this is set at € 30,000, to be repaid with a fixed interest rate, which will depend on the duration of the desired loan.

Requesting a loan in Cleopor is very simple, and this is also true in the case of debt consolidation. To access it, you must be resident in Italy, aged between 18 and 70 years. Regarding the required economic requirements, we will have to demonstrate our income received through the presentation of the last paycheck for employees, the last pension from the pension for pensioners, and the last income tax return for self-employed workers. Through the bank’s website, it will be possible to schedule an appointment at the branch, to discuss our situation with a fully dedicated expert and make a request for funding.



Mortgage loan – how to take it with your head?

It is always worth asking an adviser who will help us in completing the formalities related to the mortgage loan, for every aspect of the contract included in the contract before we sign it. We can also give ourselves some time to read the contract calmly, it is not worth paying attention only to great occasions, especially for a very limited time. All this will allow you to enjoy your new home and not to see it as a life’s distress.

I realized recently that although I describe a number of financial products on my blog, I did not write anything specific about mortgages. Such loans are targeted at people looking for a loan to buy a flat, house or build a house. Today I am making up for this arrears and I am providing you with a range of information that you can use when buying a property or taking out a loan for this purpose.

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage loan is a very interesting product on the financial services market, it helps to realize (and is usually the only solution) dreams about owning your own home, flat or building a house. Of course, it is covered by a mortgage – in the mortgage entry, until we repay the loan the priority of “taking over” the house, the flat has a bank that granted us a loan. It is a security for him if the borrower does not repay the loan. Housing loans are contracted for many years, so this decision must be not only well thought out but even calculated in cold blood. The best solution is to take a mortgage at the moment when we have some own funds (this is indicated in the mortgage).

Other costs incurred in connection with the loan…

Many marriages who decide on a mortgage, first check their creditworthiness and then look for a flat or house (in the case of a flat or a house, an initial contract with the developer should still be signed). However, the loan is a cost, such as interest depending on the spread and spread (currency conversion by the bank – usually a foreign currency loan is better to exchange money yourself) and around credit costs, ie directly related to credit activities, for example obtaining permits, costs related to with the provision of certificates. Undoubtedly, it is worth using the services of a good banking advisor, reading various opinions, forums, statistics, using loan comparison websites.

Mortgage loan – Hooks, hooks

Mortgage loan - Hooks, hooks

As you know, there are many quite varied offers regarding mortgage loans. Many banks use various types of mines and traps, which, being a significant relief of the budget at the beginning of the loan, can be a real burden for some time. There is often a great offer consisting in a zero margin for a period of time (for example, half a year), after this period it turns out, however, that the margin is much higher than in other banks, and we are losing. Sometimes banks try to make us independent of their services – a cheaper mortgage loan tempts customers to take advantage of additional offers in the package, which reduce the interest rate on the loan. Unfortunately, this is often quite alleged, and we have been associated with the bank for several, several years, moreover, many such entries refer to specific inflows to our account (about 3 thousand usually, if we do not have an automatic interest rate increase, which can happen, for example, after losing work). Another similar provision is the reduction of the mortgage loan if we spend several hundred zlotys from the account with a card, forgetting about this obligation obviously results in an increase in the interest rate.

We buy a flat for a loan – how to read a land and mortgage register

We buy a flat for a loan - how to read a land and mortgage register

If we have decided to buy a flat directly on the secondary market, it is worth taking into consideration premises that have an established land and mortgage register. This book is nothing more than a set of systematized information about a given property registered by the land and mortgage register court. This document gives us the opportunity to check the real estate legal status. The book consists of a cover and four sections. In each of the departments there are fields with a title in which there are appropriate records regarding a given property. Access to land and mortgage registers is public and now the books are available in an electronic database made available by the Ministry of Justice.

What should you pay special attention to when buying a flat?

What should you pay special attention to when buying a flat?

Let’s look at each of the departments one by one. In section I-0 – “Designation of real estate” – it is worth to verify the description of the premises. Here you will find information on how many rooms should be in the apartment, and whether the flat includes, for example, a basement. We will also find here, among others information about whether the property is a separate property. A separate ownership of an apartment means, in a nutshell, full ownership along with the ownership of the land and co-ownership of the common parts of the building (such as a staircase). It should be remembered that if the property is not a separate property, it may be a standard loan security only if it is the subject of a cooperative ownership right to the flat.

Is the place covered by such a right – it is best to confirm in the housing cooperative where the flat is located. If the property is a separate property then in the I-Sp department we will find the number of the land and mortgage register in which the owner has a share. It is worth entering the land and mortgage register of this land and checking – if only on the cover of the land and mortgage register – whether the land is covered by the right of ownership or the right of perpetual usufruct. Why? If the land is covered by the property right, we will be required to pay a property tax every year, the maximum amount of which for 2015 can not exceed PLN 0.75 per square meter. However, in the case of perpetual usufruct, we will be required to pay an annual fee for perpetual usufruct, the maximum amount of which – determined by law – is 1% of the value of the property. It may therefore turn out that the perpetual usufruct fee will be much higher than the real estate tax.

Fees for future fees – but first you need to successfully purchase the property. Of course, you can, and even belong to the successful purchase of real estate to be a notary, with whom we will carry out the transaction, but it is worth avoiding the unpleasant surprise – especially when the apartment is to be credited by the bank. In the second section of the land and mortgage register the property owner is registered – his first name, surname, parents’ names and pesel number. It is worth to save the data and compare it with the identity card of the person with whom we talk as the owner. The owners may be several and all they will have to sign a notarial deed for the sale of real estate.

It is worth taking care that everyone also signs a preliminary agreement, which we sign in order to be able to start the process of applying for a loan for a given property. Therefore, if in the land and mortgage register, for example, a matrimonial property community is recorded – let us talk about real estate with both spouses or ask for a notarial power of attorney from one of the spouses to act on behalf of the other. In this case, it is not worth taking a word for it – unfortunately the situation of quarrels about the property of the divorcing spouses is quite common, which may have their unpleasant consequences for the property buyer.

An important department is also section III of the land and mortgage register – here you will find all restrictions on the use of real estate. If the easement of the road or transmission easement are not likely to be an obstacle preventing the purchased flat from being a security for the mortgage loan, then the right to life-long residence in the land and mortgage register may be such an obstacle. As soon as we read any restrictions in section III, it is worth informing them about the bank in which we will apply for a loan and ask if the bank will accept such a property as collateral for the loan. It may happen that the entries in department III of the land and mortgage register may affect the amount of interest on the loan. A property with restrictions in the ownership right is more difficult to cash in the event of the need to execute a loan that is not repaid.

While the entries in section III do not have to discredit the real estate as collateral for a mortgage, the burden disclosed in section IV may be a problem. In this section there are provisions regarding mortgages charged with the flat. If a mortgage is established on the property, the bank will accept the property as a security for the loan only on the condition that the obligation incurring the property will be paid off upon the purchase of the property. Usually, the bank will aim to start a mortgage on the mortgage creditor’s account and if the purchase price of the real estate is higher than the outstanding liability, the part will be launched to the mortgage creditor’s account and the remaining amount will be credited to the account specified by the seller.

As you can see, it is worth looking to buy apartments with a mortgage register. Thanks to the provisions in the land and mortgage register, we can avoid unpleasant surprises that may arise after signing a preliminary agreement or a notarial deed of real estate purchase and cause even that the bank will not accept the purchased property as collateral and refuse to pay the loan.

Comparison of mortgage loans

Comparison of mortgage loans

At the end, I provide you with an electronic mortgage loan comparison service with which you can check the loan installments in individual banks. All you need to do is enter the amount of the loan, the value of the property, the loan period, or the age of the borrower to find out more about the loan installment, the margin and the amount of the commission.